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UP chairman’s house attacked in Pabna; highway blocked for 4 hours

Vehicle movement on the Dhaka-Pabna Highway was disrupted for four hours this morning following the erection of a barricade by locals at the Kashinathpur intersection to protest attack against the home of the UP chairman from the Pabna Bera Upazila. The chairman of the Puran Varenga, a parishad of the union, Md Rafikullah, who is also a freedom fighter, told the media that unknown criminals attacked his home in Roghunathpur village at around 3:30am. They dropped a number of basic bombs and also the fire but nobody was hurt according to the chairman. After hearing the news, the locals placed barricades on the highway, causing disruption to the flow of traffic from 8am until 12pm. They also protested the demonstrations in Nagarbari and Kashinathpur areas, according to our Pabna reporter. The UP chairman blamed the followers of former legislator Azizul Haque Arzu for the attack. "Arzu's followers might have led the attack as I have protested constru